Free health seminar worth $25 with each new booking

Flourish Naturopathy

Seminar on Menopause, Sleep, Healthy Teens, Gut Health, Immunity, Hormones, Thyroid Health, Energy and Fatigue plus more. Check out the website for a full list.

All seminars are held at the Habitus Centre, 4th Floor, Consultancy House, 7 Bond street, Dunedin. They run from 9-10am and cost $20. You also receive a comprehensive set of seminar notes.
Flourish Naturopathy’s Tracey Loughran is a well known, fully qualified Dunedin Naturopath with over twelve years health industry experience. Tracey runs a busy clinic in downtown Dunedin and regularly delivers seminars to business and special interest groups. She is a highly informed and entertaining speaker, with knowledge gained from industry experience both in NZ and overseas, who is committed to bringing high quality natural health information to the public

Conditions: 1 redemption yearly

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